It was around 11.50 pm when she woke up.It was a dull,dark and soundless night.She heard someone whispering beside her room.She got scared and went to the living room.The clock strikes 12 and the lights were turned on and she saw her parents with a beautifully decorated cake and they began to sang..”Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear daisy…happy birthday to you….!

She was very surprised and elated to see them.She was so depressed those days that she forgot her birthday.It was her sixteenth birthday, she thanked her parents…

Her father brought her a beautiful pink dress and her mother had made a delicious dessert for her.She was about to cut the cake she felt that her alarm clock is ringing and she woke up…It was six in the morning she was very happy as it was her birthday.She jumped out of her bed immediately and went to meet her father.She wished that her father could wish her first.

She was running to her father’s room and she had not gone very much further,when all of a sudden,clear out of the blue,there was something wrong,she could feel it.She slowed down to a snail’s pace and then came to a dead stop thinking.

Everything was so strange and quiet.She felt herself getting goose-pimples when she started to take a few steps further.She had a sudden and full recollection that the room was locked and her father had died one week ago.

At first,she just stood still, looking, not knowing what to do.There was a big lump in her throat and she felt like crying, tears came in her eyes and she wanted to cry a lot.She sat down on her knees and tears rolled down her eyes.Then she thought that her father had wished her first in her dream….

She got up and SMILED…






23 thoughts on “MY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY, a short story

  1. dharkanein says:

    Father and daughter share a beautiful relation to which none can compare…father is there to lean her head on leaving all her worries to him to be taken care of…. I miss my papa really bad. You dip iced that beautifully.

    Liked by 2 people

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