An amazing Funeral, a short story

It was a quiet,dull Sunday morning, laziness was spread everywhere as the clouds covered the shining sun. Sourabh was enjoying his morning coffee lying on a resting chair, listening to his heartbeats…The sudden rings from the phone irritated him and he unwillingly picked it up.

Few seconds later, he became numb, as if he listened something terrible…His fingers lose control breaking the mug and spreading the coffee on the floor….His shoulders were shaking in grief..He heard that his elder brother, Shubham has passed away that morning, and he was called to attend the funeral ceremony….They hadn’t been talking to each other since last three years after their conflict over their ancestral home….The conflict had been solved but it created a gap between them..He always wanted to talk to him but he didn’t make any effort….

His limbs was heavy as much as his mind and just moving was a slow, painful effort. His eyeballs hung heavy in their sockets…He sank to his knees on the floor and a stream of tears began to rolled down his eyes..

His soul was deeply regretting…For him there was no beauty left in the world..The sun shone in the sky but not for him, the birds bursts in melody but not for him…

He somehow managed to attend the funeral to pay his last gratitude. But he didn’t find anyone there, everything was so quiet and strange…He hesitantly entered the house, there was pin drop silence everywhere…He slowly entered the living room and saw his brother standing in the middle of the room, stretching his arms towards him. He couldn’t believe his eyes, he ran fast towards him and then slowed down to a snail’s pace…..

He hesitantly touched him and he could feel him….it means..he was alive….He cling to his brother tightly and they gave each other a long hug, each one regretting and apologizing for all their mistakes…The room was boomed with the echo of their gasping wails…..They together buried their ego forever….

The curtains were dancing in joy, the cracks in the walls began healing so as their relation….the flowers were blooming in the garden, the nature was rejoiced at this amazing funeral…..

Sana Mahin

                        “If you are angry with someone and not talking to them and if they die tomorrow they are high chances that you are going to attend their funeral and regret not meeting them when they were alive….then talk today, meet today, kill your ego and you’ll feel definitely happy”

                                           –Sana Mahin

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