Can physical appearance be a criteria for judgement? ?

Hey..lovely readers…. what’s up.?? Obviously fan…or your air conditioner…haha…!! Sun is quite harsh…Anyways…Stay blessed..stay cool….!!

So…today I’m writing about the physical appearance….Actually, recently I heard someone(relative of mine) saying bad about a women who has three young daughters….and she began calling them ugly…ugh…!! The worst thing she uttered was…”who will marry them..they must be in hurry…” I was stunned by her statement…Being a human how can she judge anyone based on their color, or physical appearance….

I’m not blaming her…everyone is like that only…we only judge a person by his external appearance…even sometimes I do this mistake…but, I regret it later…

Well…we can’t do anything about it…all we have to do is change our mindset…that will surely help…

Have you ever heard any one praising an oyster..?? Sounds weird na?? It is just like praising anyone because of his appearance. ..

Do you know when anyone is looking for a life partner for marriage….the first they will ask is a photograph…and they will say we want only a good person with good character… Unable to control your laugh..??? Hahaha…how can a photograph show you the character??? My dear, speak honestly…

The worst thing we introduced is beauty competitions….What a sigh..!! Of course it is shown that the judgement is based upon their character and a silly question is asked and it is being answered and then one is titled “Miss ____”…

But, to join those competition one has to be fit…obviously beautiful….wait…let me correct it…”beautiful according to their ideology”…

Some people are suffering from diseases like hypothyroidism and diabetes and many more….They can’t loose their weight so easily..And they can’t afford a nutritionist like those models…to guide them.. But, it doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful….they are beautiful…!

And you can’t compare your wife with those models/actresses… You can’t expect your wife to take care of your children, cook food for your family, at the same time look graceful as those models….No, it’s not possible….She is beautiful because she is real…!! Accept it..!!

Some have short height…no it’s not their fault….the hormone didn’t do it’s function…or else they are more beautiful that way…

Why do you insult the almighty by saying bad about me..??

Honestly speaking “I didn’t create myself”

-Sana Mahin

No one can be judged because of their physical appearance because they aren’t responsible for it…They didn’t created themselves…But God did…And I’m sure he didn’t created anyone to be called ugly…but to praise his creativity…

Have you ever heard someone calling a dead body by it’s name..?? No….you might not…!!

Because your name also doesn’t belongs to your body…it belongs to your soul and your character…

One thing I must tell is you there is nothing bad in maintaining yourself… Don’t do it for people but do it for yourself… Think that your body is a blessing from the almighty and you have to take care of it…as it is carrying your soul…

Isn’t it..??

Thank you for reading…

-Sana Mahin…

35 thoughts on “Can physical appearance be a criteria for judgement? ?

  1. tanishq says:

    I don’t know, why people still don’t understand that this is just wrong. I know a scientific reason behind, why we judge.. But I’ll just say this – even though judging a book by its cover is easy, it prevents you from reading something that might change your life..
    Great thought Sana.. Keep it up! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Graci says:

    I have always been attracted to someone who has a great attitude rather than a beautiful/handsome face. Physical appearance is only an outer beauty like a book with a beautiful cover. I guess everyone is different. Good post for discussion. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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