My Witchy Boss, a horror story…


    Masters of writing Flash Fiction Challenge    

I’m very glad to announce that I’m participating in this challenge… It is a weekly challenge… The theme was horror and the story must be in 100 words… So, My story is exactly 100 words..!


After having a terrible fight with boss, I was returning home at night. To my misfortune, my car stopped, a mile away from my house… I walked down the street… I reached my home and it seemed very dark and silent.. After a not-so-good day, I couldn’t bear a power-cut..!!

I loosened my hair out of frustration and murmured, “Why don’t my boss die soon…!”

Suddenly, I felt someone plucking my hair wildly and dragging me away from my home… I began screaming and clung tightly to the letter box outside the gate…

She shouted loudly…. ” Who said I’m alive….?? ”

©®Sana Mahin, 2018..

Hey…how was the story…?

This is my first time I’ve written a horror story and I really enjoyed writing it… Thanks to Pia Majmudar for encouraging me to write this… The idea of plucking hair is from my wildest dream….

So, the moral of the story is never mess with your boss….who knows she might not be alive…..sssshhh…. Just scaring…!! Hahaha…

Thank you so much for reading..!

Sana Mahin…

55 thoughts on “My Witchy Boss, a horror story…

  1. nalaikpanda says:

    Well you just don’t have to write horror with it to give it a spooky effect, if you just write boss that word alone will suffice the spookiness. some people they do evil deeds and then die to be a witch, some go to grave yards and do magic spells to be a witch well others just chose the easy way and become the boss.
    Lesson of the story is well taught, never ever spoke ill of your boss they will come and haunt you at the spot.

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