Quote Challenge

Hey.. Good afternoon.. dear readers..!

It’s my second time that I’ve been participating in this challenge.. I have been nominated by two wonderful bloggers for this challenge.. Thank you Riddhima penner and Abhijith for nominating me…

Since I’m doing this second time… I’m posting all the three quotes at once…

1st Quote

I strongly believe this… Many people looks humble in front of others…. but, they aren’t kind with their servants… A person’s kindness must be universal..

2nd Quote

Always believe in yourself… No one can steal your abilities… Don’t let others destroy your self confidence..!

3rd Quote

Every girl wants a successfull life partner… I don’t know why….

Of course.. a successfull man can bring you the best wedding gown…and can make your wedding day best…

But, a marriage works best when you grow together…supporting each other…

If your hubby is not so successful….. it is just because God wants you to be the woman behind his success…

And I think it is no fun to rule on an already established empire… Ruling on a self build empire is a thing to be proud on…!

Well, I’m quite young to discuss this…but I’m a good observer and it is just my observation…

Did you enjoyed my quotes..?? Let me know..

Wishing you an amazing weekend ahead…!

Sana Mahin, 2018…

24 thoughts on “Quote Challenge

  1. yuulye says:

    I was looking on your posts list, choosing a post to read, than I saw this because the title seems familiar, but my initial thought that this should be 3 separate posts, then I found the explanation 😁
    It’s so awesome that all of the quotes are yours, and all of them are great! The servant one is legit I think, my favorite 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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