Lost Bestie, a Short story

Stressed Shayra was lying on her bed..

Her heart whispered : Why don’t you talk to Nidhi.?? She will understand your problem..Surely, she will help you.. After all, She is your best friend..

Shayra : But, we aren’t close now..

All of a sudden, her phone rang and it flashed nidhi’s name….

Shayra : Hey ! What’s up…?? I was just thinking about you….

Nidhi : I just saw a missed call from your heart…

Shayra : I need your help…

∗Phone hanged up ∗

A silent tear of helplessness was about to drop from her eyes…and then she heard her door bell rang…

It was Nidhi….

©®Sana Mahin, 2018..

Masters of writing flash fiction challenge

I’m participating again in this wonderful challenge ….This week the theme was “Friendship”.. And you know what, this week I’ve experienced very beautiful things about friendship…So, it was quite easy for me to decide the background of the story… Again it is 99 words..!

In my real life, I was sometimes at the place of Shayra and sometimes Nidhi… My friends helped me always…And I’m very thankful to all those friends…I’m blessed to have you in my life..

Thank you so much for reading…!

Sana Mahin…

30 thoughts on “Lost Bestie, a Short story

  1. Abhijith Padmakumar says:

    Wow Sana this writing is so touching ✨. You know what, I just loved it so much ❤️💫. How relatable and true it is !
    Awesome work buddy and keep inspiring 😇.

    P.S – I am a slow reader, that’s why I can’t cover all your posts at once. However I will really try my best to read all your posts 🤗. So forgive me if I can’t read all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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