Know your design..

Today I’m going to give you an amazing explanation about choosing a career or how to know which career is suitable…

Actually this thought accidentally came in my mind and I’m loving this thought from the moment it crossed my mind… and I really wanted to share this with you…( I wish you find it amazing too) I recommend you to read the complete article to fully understand this…

So here we go….

Do you know how to filter tea?? I guess most of you would definitely know this..

We need a tea strainer to filter tea so that tea leaves won’t pass down the cup..and still if we apply pressure on the strained leaves we will get some more tea passed into the cup.. isn’t it..?

But, can we make the leaves to pass down into the cup..?? We can’t…! right..? Unless, the strainer is having a hole..

And what if the leaves somehow passed into the cup..? It will settle down at the bottom of the cup and no one will drink that part of tea..!

And everyone will call those leaves waste… isn’t it..? Why we will call those tea leaves waste once they are being used..? Because we don’t know their use.. Isn’t it..??

Actually tea leaves are used to cure dark circles around eyes and they are also used as a fertilizer… and may be some more which I don’t know…

And you know the biggest reason because of which the tea leaves can’t passed into the cup..?? It is just because the strainer was designed for tea and not for leaves.. If it was designed for the tea leaves they would have passed..! Right..?

So just assume that the tea strainer is an entrance examination.. like (Neet,Net,iit-jee mains) and only the candidates which are designed for them will pass through it…and some candidates will take some extra classes and some long term coachings and they will also clear that exams… they are like that tea particles which need some pressure to pass into the cup…

And some just can’t clear those examinations… because they are just not designed for that… they are tea leaves not tea… They are designed for some other career…

If they manage to join those courses by some other means like cheating and all.. they will remain at the bottom and they can’t do anything in life… they are like tea leaves who came accidentally or by some holes in the strainer…!

What I’m trying to say is… every person is designed for something… not everyone can be a doctor, engineer,a rich entrepreneur or a scientist…

There are many more things to do… It is just that you need to find out your shape, your design and the strainer which is designed for you only…and you will surely clear that…!

And one more thing, to find out your shape you need to pass through different strainers to know your design… and don’t get disheartened if you can’t pass a strainer even after a lot of struggle…

Just try different things.. be happy… stay motivated..

©® Sana Mahin..

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