Can I still be called patriot?

O’ lord,

You created a huge piece of land,

As a gift for mankind..

Decorated with ribbons

Of five huge oceans,

We draw few lines

And kept extending it..

Dividing your beautiful gift

Nations we split..

We are taught to love

Only our part of land

Where we born..

O’ lord,

Is this why you created earth?

To draw lines

And fight wars?

Can’t we love the total gift?

And still be called patriot?

©®Sana Mahin..

I love my country and I don’t need to prove this.. I feel loving your country is an obvious emotion, you don’t need to develop it..

Sometimes I feel either we are Indian, American, European.. We should be Earthian first..

Thank you for reading..

12 thoughts on “Can I still be called patriot?

  1. Nimish says:

    We are all human … But one should not hesitate while killing terrorists… Becoz if you don’t kill them …. They will kill you 🙏🙏🙏

    Hey pal , read bhagwat Gita ……even Arjun had same doubts … But God Krishna showed him right path😊😊

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  2. Shreya says:

    This was damn good, Sana. I don’t comment lately on posts because i barely get some time to only read them but this deserved a comment.
    The last two lines are something we all need to answer to ourselves. Eh?

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  3. Rida K says:

    Definitely! We live in a global world where universal citizenship is also an ideology. The most important thing is to stand for humanity!


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