My dear arrived.. (poetry)

I started loving my city more,

Someone came back, far from seven shores..

It seems the scent of his feet brought springs,

The soil of my town had cracked rings..

At moments, I’m dancing along with cool breeze,

In the very next, thoughts made me freeze…

Our watches showing time same,

I’m behaving so senseless, whom to blame..?

The sand should stop falling in the hour glass,

I don’t want this time to ever pass…

People ask me the reason for my smiles,

How can I tell, someone is back from thousand miles…!

©®Sana Mahin…

I’ve written this on a request of a friend.. Though I never experienced this feeling, I totally enjoyed writing it..It was an amazing feeling to feel this extremely happiest emotion..😊

I hope I justified her feelings..

Thanks for reading..

As the day ends.. (poetry)

Sometimes day starts with rays gloomy,

Melodious birds can’t suppress melancholy..

Even coffee taste bitter,

Greetings feel tough to utter..


Somehow moving sun tries to convince,

Treats me like a royal prince..

Lunch sounds somewhat better,

Time is a big sorrow cutter..


Somewhere beyond the mountains,

Sun sets behind dark curtains..

Miraculously all the worries ends,

Sometimes, as the day ends…

©® Sana Mahin..

Rainbow of hope..( Etheree)


May be,

One who drag

Darkness endless,

In my joyful world..

Courage is what I got,

To embrace those darker shades,

Once being reason for my nightmares..

Soon the rainbow of hope will arise,

Rain can’t stay in eyes, even for a while..

©® Sana Mahin..

This is an etheree.. It starts from one syllable of first line and the syllable count increases in an ascending order till the tenth line with ten syllables…

I hope you enjoy.. Thanks for reading..!

Best friends

Before sunset,

Every end of sky painting

Shades of crimson,

Trading colors with heaven…


Friendly rays of setting sun,

Radiating their faces,

Igniting togetherness..

Endless talks along with chirping birds

Nourishing their bond..

Dance of giggling lips,

Scintillating their souls…

©®Sana Mahin

This is also acrostic poem.. (The first letter of each verse forms the title)..

Love you mom

Love, a word, the meaning you are

Out of the blue, a magical star..

Vain is my life, without you

Each day your affection grew..


Yet, at times I took you for granted

On my hard days, you never deserted

Umbrella you were, when sorrows fell wholehearted..


Mystical creature you are, O’ mother!

Oscillates our lives around each other,

Mom, your care can’t match with any other!

©®Sana Mahin…

This is a poetry form called Acrostic.. In this form the first letter of each verse forms the title of the poem..

Thank you for reading..

Some stories meant to live in poetry…

I wanted to be with you,

You went miles away..

It’s not impossible to talk,

But, you choose to stay away..

For sure, it’s not ego,

I must let you go..

I’ll never tell, songs reminds me of you,

Nostalgic memories celebrates being with you,

Eyes sketch your faded image,

Heart debates over it to be love or a mirage..

Hands crave to hold you again,

Our bond you almost tried to slain…

Let love rest in cemetery,

Some stories meant to live in poetry…

©®Sana Mahin…

I wrote this poem when I was missing my friend, Shadan tuba…

I don’t have any other option to communicate with her.. May be she’ll read this someday…

I’m actually very angry with her but it’s okay.. We can’t force anyone to stay with us..

(Good luck girl.. Be happy..!)

Winter winds

The way winter breaks the cells apart,

Drawing lines on skin making art,

It’s not the craft which brings smile,

But, resembles the trench

You gave to my heart,

Quite a long back,

Still it aches…

It’s an


©® Sana Mahin..

Another nonet.. I hope you enjoy reading it.. If you don’t know what’s nonet, then read my previous post..

Thank you..

I forgot me, in you..! (Nonet)

In the ocean of my waving thoughts,

Sails a ship searching your whereabouts,

Dancing up and down across shores,

Not letting me do chores,

For being so silly,

Time laughs at me…

I forgot

Me, in


©®Sana Mahin..

This is a nonet, a poetry form..It has nine lines. It starts with the first line having nine syllables, second having 8 and so on.. The last line has one syllable…

Ps: This is not me.. I’m a very productive person.. I guess..😁

It’s just a fiction..😊

Faith… (Lanturne)


Is there,

You know well,

Then, why you worry,



Got hurt,

Tears fell down,

Eyes can not carry..


©®Sana Mahin..

Lanturne is a poetry form which has five lines.. The first line has one syllable and followed by two,three,four and one.. This typically gives the poem shape of a Japanese lanturn… So this is known as lanturne…

Chasing Waves…

I stood on a dry Sandy beach,

My legs craving for silky touch

Of water shimmering against the sun,

Desire to feel it, cause my heart to burn..


It came chasing me, danced on my satin,

Rejoicing every inch of my pale skin,

Soothing it, the way I never dreamt of,

I felt sharing with, my darkness and laugh…


Slowly it started towards the other end,

Leaving my legs alone and moistened..

Sowing seeds of pain in my heart,

Tears fell down the cheeks, onto the dirt…


I closed my eyes to find solace,

I felt on my toes, waves embrace..

So playful, jumping up to knees,

I gotta learn that day, time always flees..

It’s happiness sometimes,

Sometimes a sad day..!

©®Sana Mahin..