Chasing Waves…

I stood on a dry Sandy beach,

My legs craving for silky touch

Of water shimmering against the sun,

Desire to feel it, cause my heart to burn..


It came chasing me, danced on my satin,

Rejoicing every inch of my pale skin,

Soothing it, the way I never dreamt of,

I felt sharing with, my darkness and laugh…


Slowly it started towards the other end,

Leaving my legs alone and moistened..

Sowing seeds of pain in my heart,

Tears fell down the cheeks, onto the dirt…


I closed my eyes to find solace,

I felt on my toes, waves embrace..

So playful, jumping up to knees,

I gotta learn that day, time always flees..

It’s happiness sometimes,

Sometimes a sad day..!

©®Sana Mahin..