Rainbow of hope..( Etheree)


May be,

One who drag

Darkness endless,

In my joyful world..

Courage is what I got,

To embrace those darker shades,

Once being reason for my nightmares..

Soon the rainbow of hope will arise,

Rain can’t stay in eyes, even for a while..

©® Sana Mahin..

This is an etheree.. It starts from one syllable of first line and the syllable count increases in an ascending order till the tenth line with ten syllables…

I hope you enjoy.. Thanks for reading..!

Get up, Dear soul (Etheree)


Get up,

My dear soul,

It’s high time now…!

You didn’t fell on own,

Nor kicked by life’s game…

You slipped in sea of trust,

Which hurt you deep when the water left,

Hardly you came on the sandy shore…

Please, get up dear soul, life is a lot more…!

©® Sana Mahin, 2018…

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Listen the unspoken..! (Etheree)



Food to eat,

Among the huge crowd…

Heart, searching people,

Having sympathy or

At least having empathy…

Yet, they find no soul to help them..

As they did not stretch their hands in front..

Only their self respect cause them die so hard…!!

Sana Mahin, 2018

Copyright reserved..!

There are many people among us who badly needs help but they don’t ask…out of self respect… They don’t beg..

But if we are unable to understand their need by seeing their eyes… It is very inhumane…. Not everything needs to be explained..! Help them..

This is my first etheree… Etheree is a form of poem… It has ten lines and the first line has 1 syllable and it increases in ascending order till the last line which has 10 syllables…

I want to know…if I’m irritating you all by saying…this is my first..bla bla bla.. hahahaha..! Actually I’m learning new forms…And I need to tell this…may be I’ll get some guidance by this..

Thank you for reading…

Sana Mahin..