Abandoned daughter (poetry)

I hardly weigh 10 pounds

Still I’m like a burden for some.

Unlike other kids, I’m not loved

I got abandoned

Along with my mother

By my so-called father,

For whom marriage was just a game,

Least he had any shame.


I feel mother is luckier than me,

Many are ready to accept her,

Still she hold a charm in her,

People say, she’s of some use.


But I became a stone in her path,

To get a new light in her life.

Though I can’t walk

And hardly can talk.


Some men don’t want a ready-made daughter,

For them, their genetic share matters.

Some men fear about expenses.

I didn’t even got all my milky teeth

I feed on milk, little oxygen I breath.


Someday mom may get married again,

Aunties won’t let her live in pain.

After which, I’ll be totally alone,

My right to be called as her daughter will be gone.

Her new husband may not want a ready-made daughter,

My story will be shared in parties with hidden laughter.

After all, I’m an abandoned daughter,

No one wants me, because genetic share matters..

©® Sana Mahin..

Written with a heavy heart..

Mystery of Rainfall..

The falling of rain is a mystery,

Some thought the drops dancing,

Enjoying their chemistry..

Some feel it’s crying,

As they left the cemetery..


For me, it reveals history

Of being abandoned by the clouds..

Showing no signs of injury,

Falling with liberty breaking all bonds,

It symbolizes victory..!

©®Sana Mahin..

I think we should all learn this from rain..

Thank you..

As the day ends.. (poetry)

Sometimes day starts with rays gloomy,

Melodious birds can’t suppress melancholy..

Even coffee taste bitter,

Greetings feel tough to utter..


Somehow moving sun tries to convince,

Treats me like a royal prince..

Lunch sounds somewhat better,

Time is a big sorrow cutter..


Somewhere beyond the mountains,

Sun sets behind dark curtains..

Miraculously all the worries ends,

Sometimes, as the day ends…

©® Sana Mahin..

Rainbow of hope..( Etheree)


May be,

One who drag

Darkness endless,

In my joyful world..

Courage is what I got,

To embrace those darker shades,

Once being reason for my nightmares..

Soon the rainbow of hope will arise,

Rain can’t stay in eyes, even for a while..

©® Sana Mahin..

This is an etheree.. It starts from one syllable of first line and the syllable count increases in an ascending order till the tenth line with ten syllables…

I hope you enjoy.. Thanks for reading..!

Live to work & love to work…! (Wanna settle down soon..?? Read this…!)

Hey my lovely fam..! How are you…??

Today no poetry… I’ve some more good things to share with you… which I observed…

Let’s go straight to the topic…

What we all are trying for..?

-»To settle down soon… Yup..! That’s what we all want… And yeah..! It’s absolutely necessary for a good life…

Why we all want to be well settled??

-» Because we don’t want to struggle all our life … we want to earn a lot of money and we want a luxurious life for our future kids… so that they don’t had to struggle like us… Isn’t it..?

Does a secure job means well settled??

-» Yes, we all crave for a permanent job… so that we can get income lifelong… even though we aren’t loyal to our profession..and we don’t need to improve our work nor impress anyone…😁

But, Have you ever observed nature..?? What if the nature also wants to be well settled..?

What if the nature really settles down..?

What if the birds store grains in their nest for their future and they won’t come out of their nests..??

You might not be able to see them flying anymore… Coz all they do flying is to search their food..!

What if plants store sunlight for their future…?

The sunflower will not be following the sun anymore..!

What if the butterflies storing flower juices somewhere.. and they don’t wander across gardens??

Every single thing in the universe works…

“The beauty of the world lies in working, not in settlement…!”

©® Sana Mahin

I know… may be you’re thinking that I’m talking bookish… and you’re about to say… how can we get a living then..?

One thing I wanna tell you is… surely you will be fed until you die…and you must earn something to live… but please don’t just try to be settle… Try to work harder each day…

Don’t bother about your family or kids… Listen, if you provide your kids a luxurious life, then do you think they will ever try to struggle?? Of course, they will live a peaceful life.. but, they will never improve or may be they will never work..!

Don’t just work for your settlement, work to improve yourself, for the betterment of the society… Never be afraid of struggling…

Improve yourself everyday, improve your work, learn everyday…

The only place you will be settling should be your grave,

Till then, just work…!

©®Sana Mahin

Share your views…

Thank you…

Ba bye… till next time…

©® Sana Mahin…

Lost destination

I started on a transparent ship,

Sailing fast,

Along the dancing waves,

Towards the bright isle (Island),


Wind touching my skin,

Butterflies moving on stomach,

Sounds of water accelerating my heart beat,

Painting colourful canvas of near future….


Suddenly wind got me away,

Chasing waves of other direction,

Taking me away from dream destination…


I stared with gloomy eyes,

Changing colors of infinite skies,

From blue, brown and black dyes…


Soon, sparkle from the new sun,

Kissed my silky eyes…

Giving me hope,

Or telling me sweet lies…

©® Sana Mahin…

This is what i felt life is…

You want something badly in life and then you realize it wasn’t for you… then you will be sad for sometime and again start chasing other things with new hope….

Thanks for reading….

The Nature Whispers….

The rain on some days

whispers to me,

Falling can be beautiful too..

As it leaves the cloud,

It says,

Parting can be soothing too….


The sun on sunny days

whispers to me,

Solitude can be shining too…

As it is alone through out the day,

It says,

Loneliness can bring brightness new…


The wind on stormy days

whispers to me,

Thrown out things can be powerful few…

As it carries all the dust,

It says,

Unwanted things can be dangerous too….


The river on flood days

whispers to me,

Moving on can be peaceful too…

As long its path is clear to move,

It says,

Unless, it can drown you too…

©® Sana Mahin, 2018…

Hey friends… I’m posting something after a very long time… I was busy with my exams and was dealing with my not so messy life…

Finally, I got some courage to write and interest too… For a moment I felt like I will not be able to write anymore.. Thanks to almighty….! I have written one more… I hope it is interesting as well as inspiring…

Ba…bye, Till next time… May be soon…

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At the end, it’s only you…! | 50th post |

Dance on yours only tune,

That’s only way to reach the moon…,

Come, pick up your favourite shoe,


At the end, it’s only you.. It’s only you..!!


Shut your ears with shiny glue,

Seeing you some may had flu..

You just fly out of blue…


At the end, it’s only you.. It’s only you..!!


You live days very few,

Death never gives any clue…

Let them not chew you…


At the end, it’s only you… It’s only you…!

Ah..! It’s only you…!!

Sana Mahin, 2018..

It’s my 50th post…wohooo….!! I’m super happy….it’s quite a big achievement for me…

I was thinking…what to write..as my 50th post… I thought it should be a special post…I wanted to dedicate this post to all my readers… I hope after reading this poem you all felt your importance…

Trust me, you are really very cool… Absolutely very important…! Without you the total population of the world could be… 6.9999……. billion…(don’t know exactly) So…just enjoy being alive..and start living…for your own self…!

I’m sharing some of my favourite posts…I hope you like it..

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Thank you so much for all your support…

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Quote Challenge

Hey.. Good afternoon.. dear readers..!

It’s my second time that I’ve been participating in this challenge.. I have been nominated by two wonderful bloggers for this challenge.. Thank you Riddhima penner and Abhijith for nominating me…

Since I’m doing this second time… I’m posting all the three quotes at once…

1st Quote

I strongly believe this… Many people looks humble in front of others…. but, they aren’t kind with their servants… A person’s kindness must be universal..

2nd Quote

Always believe in yourself… No one can steal your abilities… Don’t let others destroy your self confidence..!

3rd Quote

Every girl wants a successfull life partner… I don’t know why….

Of course.. a successfull man can bring you the best wedding gown…and can make your wedding day best…

But, a marriage works best when you grow together…supporting each other…

If your hubby is not so successful….. it is just because God wants you to be the woman behind his success…

And I think it is no fun to rule on an already established empire… Ruling on a self build empire is a thing to be proud on…!

Well, I’m quite young to discuss this…but I’m a good observer and it is just my observation…

Did you enjoyed my quotes..?? Let me know..

Wishing you an amazing weekend ahead…!

Sana Mahin, 2018…