A desire to learn

Montu was an orphan of eight,

Often carried a basket of heavy weight..

Basket was full of veggies and bread,

By selling them a living he made…


On his way a school was there,

To learn something was his only prayer…

Studying in that school wasn’t that cheap,

Through a small hole he used to peep…


He saw a group of students of his age,

All working hard to become a sage…

He saw a kind and a loving teacher,

Who was just like a noble preacher…



He always wanted to become wise,

Tears began to rolled down his eyes…

Suddenly someone pat on his shoulder,

He got scared and became colder and colder…

He saw a tall and a smiling creature,

It was the same kind teacher…

Who hold his hand and took him to school,

All his classmates were friendly and cool…


He worked hard day and night,

And made his future shine bright…

-Sana Mahin

Education is a gift of life, every individual whether it’s a girl or a boy has the right for education. Under various articles of the Indian constitution, free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14, still there are many children who remain illiterate.

Whenever you got a chance to meet such children, please enroll them in schools and educate their parents about the benefits of education….As the primary education is absolutely free, you just need to guide them….Let’s do something for the society….

Thanks for reading…

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