Abandoned daughter (poetry)

I hardly weigh 10 pounds

Still I’m like a burden for some.

Unlike other kids, I’m not loved

I got abandoned

Along with my mother

By my so-called father,

For whom marriage was just a game,

Least he had any shame.


I feel mother is luckier than me,

Many are ready to accept her,

Still she hold a charm in her,

People say, she’s of some use.


But I became a stone in her path,

To get a new light in her life.

Though I can’t walk

And hardly can talk.


Some men don’t want a ready-made daughter,

For them, their genetic share matters.

Some men fear about expenses.

I didn’t even got all my milky teeth

I feed on milk, little oxygen I breath.


Someday mom may get married again,

Aunties won’t let her live in pain.

After which, I’ll be totally alone,

My right to be called as her daughter will be gone.

Her new husband may not want a ready-made daughter,

My story will be shared in parties with hidden laughter.

After all, I’m an abandoned daughter,

No one wants me, because genetic share matters..

©® Sana Mahin..

Written with a heavy heart..

What’s the biggest sin?

Heeyyy guys! How are you all? I haven’t been posting here for so long.. No, I was not busy but don’t know I wasn’t feeling like posting anything or say I’ve been procrastinating.

You know what, I have something amazing to share with you and I’m sure you gonna love this too. It’s a lesson I learnt from one of my favorite book “The kite runner” by Khaled Hosseini. I can’t tell you how much I loved this book.

The plot revolves around the friendship of two boys Amir and Hasan battling their lives in war tormented country, Afghanistan. The story is all about love, loss and betrayal. The most important thing I like about this book is it shows us why we shouldn’t judge people by their past especially when they are fighting their own souls not to repeat that again.

And here comes my favorite part of the book.

“Now, no matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. There is no act more wretched than stealing, Amir”

I can’t agree more on these lines. Isn’t stealing the most criminal act? And I think we can add few more lines to it.

When you tell someone that they are wrong or their opinion is wrong, you’re stealing their right to have an opinion. Everyone on this planet has the right to live an independent life, we don’t have any right to steal their freedom unless it’s hurting others either physically or emotionally.

But, certain people let their emotions attach with others. For some people the way others wear clothes also hurts, the way others pray also hurts and they do all to stop them from doing that, and it’s also a variation of theft. You can’t steal someone’s right to be just the way they are. It’s a crime.

My ratings : 4.5/5

Comment below if you’ve read the book and what you liked about this most.

Signing off

Ba bye..

Can I still be called patriot?

O’ lord,

You created a huge piece of land,

As a gift for mankind..

Decorated with ribbons

Of five huge oceans,

We draw few lines

And kept extending it..

Dividing your beautiful gift

Nations we split..

We are taught to love

Only our part of land

Where we born..

O’ lord,

Is this why you created earth?

To draw lines

And fight wars?

Can’t we love the total gift?

And still be called patriot?

©®Sana Mahin..

I love my country and I don’t need to prove this.. I feel loving your country is an obvious emotion, you don’t need to develop it..

Sometimes I feel either we are Indian, American, European.. We should be Earthian first..

Thank you for reading..

Mystery of Rainfall..

The falling of rain is a mystery,

Some thought the drops dancing,

Enjoying their chemistry..

Some feel it’s crying,

As they left the cemetery..


For me, it reveals history

Of being abandoned by the clouds..

Showing no signs of injury,

Falling with liberty breaking all bonds,

It symbolizes victory..!

©®Sana Mahin..

I think we should all learn this from rain..

Thank you..

Wedding anniversary.. (poetry)

Pain pierced me, When I wrote the


Something inside me began to ate…

I did not actually forgot,

It’s the day I celebrated a lot…

It’s the day, my dad married a fairy,

People call it their wedding anniversary…

To give a surprise to mom and dad,

How crazy fights, we siblings had..

I remember how we saved money,

Forbidding some candies of orange and honey…

When we looked at the candles on cake,

We wished their bond to never shake..

Today I can’t wish a happy anniversary,

To that lonely sweet fairy…

Her prince had been taken away,

Divine separation made her alone stay…

I wish their reunion in heaven,

Above all the skies seven…

May they celebrate million anniversaries,

In the land of no separation and worries…

©®Sana Mahin…

Love you mumma and papa… (Aameen)

(I wrote this yesterday on the occasion of my their wedding anniversary.. )

Thanks for reading..

My dear arrived.. (poetry)

I started loving my city more,

Someone came back, far from seven shores..

It seems the scent of his feet brought springs,

The soil of my town had cracked rings..

At moments, I’m dancing along with cool breeze,

In the very next, thoughts made me freeze…

Our watches showing time same,

I’m behaving so senseless, whom to blame..?

The sand should stop falling in the hour glass,

I don’t want this time to ever pass…

People ask me the reason for my smiles,

How can I tell, someone is back from thousand miles…!

©®Sana Mahin…

I’ve written this on a request of a friend.. Though I never experienced this feeling, I totally enjoyed writing it..It was an amazing feeling to feel this extremely happiest emotion..😊

I hope I justified her feelings..

Thanks for reading..

As the day ends.. (poetry)

Sometimes day starts with rays gloomy,

Melodious birds can’t suppress melancholy..

Even coffee taste bitter,

Greetings feel tough to utter..


Somehow moving sun tries to convince,

Treats me like a royal prince..

Lunch sounds somewhat better,

Time is a big sorrow cutter..


Somewhere beyond the mountains,

Sun sets behind dark curtains..

Miraculously all the worries ends,

Sometimes, as the day ends…

©® Sana Mahin..

Rainbow of hope..( Etheree)


May be,

One who drag

Darkness endless,

In my joyful world..

Courage is what I got,

To embrace those darker shades,

Once being reason for my nightmares..

Soon the rainbow of hope will arise,

Rain can’t stay in eyes, even for a while..

©® Sana Mahin..

This is an etheree.. It starts from one syllable of first line and the syllable count increases in an ascending order till the tenth line with ten syllables…

I hope you enjoy.. Thanks for reading..!

Best friends

Before sunset,

Every end of sky painting

Shades of crimson,

Trading colors with heaven…


Friendly rays of setting sun,

Radiating their faces,

Igniting togetherness..

Endless talks along with chirping birds

Nourishing their bond..

Dance of giggling lips,

Scintillating their souls…

©®Sana Mahin

This is also acrostic poem.. (The first letter of each verse forms the title)..

Love you mom

Love, a word, the meaning you are

Out of the blue, a magical star..

Vain is my life, without you

Each day your affection grew..


Yet, at times I took you for granted

On my hard days, you never deserted

Umbrella you were, when sorrows fell wholehearted..


Mystical creature you are, O’ mother!

Oscillates our lives around each other,

Mom, your care can’t match with any other!

©®Sana Mahin…

This is a poetry form called Acrostic.. In this form the first letter of each verse forms the title of the poem..

Thank you for reading..